Save cornwall park


Auckland Herald article

Residents of 110 multimillion-dollar properties in some of Auckland's most desirable suburbs have gone to Parliament to try to overturn the law which means they pay around $5.1m annual leasehold land rent.

National Business Review article

Cornwall Park leaseholders have launched a parliamentary petition in a bid to right the inequity of Cornwall Park Trustee actions that have seen 17 leaseholders forced to walk away from their homes losing everything.

Daily Mail article

A major UK building society said it will refuse to lend on properties where the ground rent doubles every five, ten or 15 years. Instead, it said ground rent should increase in line with inflation.

 Future of Cornwall Park at risk

 New financial documents show Cornwall Park is barely able to cover its maintenance costs despite owning millions of dollars in assets. 

Breakthrough in leasehold scandal

Horror stories of homebuyers with extraordinary ground rent clauses continue to emerge, with many of the worst cases being secondhand apartments rather than new-build leasehold houses.